House special Boeuf

Majestic Burger

  • THBun
  • Irish beef steak cut in pepito
  • Monterrey Jack
  • Double bacon
  • Truffle cheese croquette
  • Homemade Port sauce
  • Rocket

Treat yourself to our gourmet Burger that packs the biggest punch: our Majestic Burger. Perfect for proper foodies looking for the full dining experience. Inside, you’ll find Irish rib steak and Truffle cheese croquette topped with our home-made Port Wine sauce.

One thing’s for sure: the Majestic is the very definition of the gourmet Burger.

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If you fancy an extra dose of the THB experience, we suggest you opt for our crispy Onion Rings as a starter. For an impeccable flavour experience, wash down your Majestic Burger with Blondie, our Belgian fruit beer. The round off your meal with our fresh, light banana Milkshake for dessert.