Balanced meal Poulet

Greco Burger

  • American style THBun
  • Chicken fillet
  • Feta cheese
  • Grilled red peppers
  • Homemade garlic and rosemary sauce
  • Rocket
  • Red onions

Despite being the lightest Burger on our menu, the Greco Burger is no less indulgent. Inspired by Greek salads, it combines tender grilled chicken, feta, red peppers, and home-made garlic and rosemary sauce.

This fresh, light option tastes great paired with our Pilsa beer.

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Get the full THB experience by washing down your Greco Burger with a glass of Pilsa. For starters, we recommend our irresistible Chicken Wings. Then round off your meal with our Molten Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice-cream.