BurgerLiégeois àla Blondie
Homemade House special Terroir Boeuf

Burger Liégeois à la Blondie

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  • THBun
  • Pure beef patty
  • Giant Cheddar tile
  • Double bacon
  • Fries
  • Blondie sauce from Liège
  • Rocket
  • Red onions

This Burger is an ode to Liège, the city where The Huggy’s Bar was born. The Burger Liégeois à la Blondie comes with Blondie sauce – a craft beer produced in conjunction with Brasserie C.

Topped with a giant slab of cheddar and crispy bacon, it’s one of our best-selling burgers.

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Opt for our Chicken Wings as a starter – they taste even better if you eat them with your fingers! When it comes to beer pairing, you absolutely have to wash down our Burger Liégeois with a glass of Blondie. And if you’re after something sweet to round off your meal, choose from our selection of Milkshakes. Great recommendations from THB!